Okay so it’s been over a month since my last post. Since then, I’ve been to my first football game, took my first college midterm, and spent my first Eid abroad. I’m taking everything one day at a time because otherwise my brain will explode. Let me tell you one thing about college, it’s a harder version of high school. I’m so used to doing things last minute and expecting good grades. One has to work super hard here to get the grade here. Naturally, I was aiming to under achieve but then my competitive side came out to play and now I live part time in the library. Although you can’t really blame me once you see how pretty the library is. It’s like living in Hogwarts. A picture is worth a thousand words so here:

I’ll tell you one thing though, my history of art class has made up for all the nudity I could have gona through life without seeing. At least now I’ve stopped giggling when the professor says “homoeroticism” (I’m a prime example of how age does not equal maturity ladies and gentlemen). My People of the East class is brutal, a gazillion pages of boring scholarly readings on thousands of years of history. Did I mention it turned out to be ancient history? Yep. It is. Half the students nap in lecture.I love love love love my creative writing class. My professor is awesome and I’m surprisingly better at it than I thought I would be. My angst from moving here has fueled my writing beautiful (even if I wrote was quite depressing).

I went to my first game last week. University of Michigan vs. Michigan State. We won 😀 (Go blue!) Here’s a picture of the stadium:

American football is weird. They stop every 30 seconds and it takes forever for them to score but otherwise it was just fun to get excited and show some spirit.

Yesterday was my first Eid away from the family. Honestly, it wasn’t anything special since no one actually acknowledges it here. I woke up late, went to class, treated myself to a bagel and some coffee, handed in an assignment, and skyped my parents. Then I decided I might as well make the best of it so I went to watch “2 Days in New York.”  It was one of the best independent movies I’ve ever seen and it was hilarious.  I definitley recommend it! Then I got some hipster junk from Urban Outfitters. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t have felt like Eid until you spend easily earned money on pointless shit. Then I got apple pie and headed home where halloween was in full swing. You have to hand it to americans, they can make costumes into “sexy” anything!

I leave you all with this video that makes me oh so happy when I watch it.


and this awesome song I’ve been jamming to for the past couple of days.



Nobody said it was easyyyy. No one ever said it would be this harddddd

With my first week as a college freshman behind me (phew). I finally have some free time to.. blabber on the internet?

Here’s a recap of the week:

1. I finally finalized my schedule (HIstory of Art, People of the Middle east, Writing 100, Creative Writing). I figured I might well  take something I know at least a bit about.

2. I still don’t have any friends here. I absolutely hate it. I’m a couple of days short of starting to talk to myself.

3. I can’t tell which is sadder; the fact that I ate lunch at chipotle alone or that when I ordered take out the day after I ate said food on a paper plate because I’m too lazy to clean my dishes.

4. I slept for about 5 hours last night because my obnoxious neighbors wouldn’t stop partying. I understand college is a different experience for them but I’m more bothered by their poor taste in music to be frank. For god’s sake they were playing “I Get Knocked Down.”  That ain’t right.

5. I’m watching a disturbing amount of  “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” which is both a testament to how humanity is slowly getting dumber  and the best reality tv show I’ve ever seen. I can’t get enough!


Now that we’re over the whining session of the week. Well, I actually I don’t have much to say other than that so here’s some stuff that I like!


1. Hidden Beach on Marieta Islands, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Isn’t it gorgeous? I just love the idea of a hidden beach!

2. Perception

I started watching this show and it’s really really good. A neuro science professor in Chicago who has schizophrenia and helps the FBI solve cases. I know it sounds far fetched but I swear it’s really interesting. You’ll thank me for recommending it.

3. Spaghetti Inside Meatballs 

So I don’t cook but this is the most brilliant dish I’ve ever heard of. Here’s the recipe.

4. Skypunch

“This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a skypunch. When people see these, they think it’s the end of the world. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds, then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloud cover.”


Last but not least:

I was understandably depressed this week but this really made me very very happy. Watch the whole video without skipping. I command you!



I’ve been quite lazy about writing this post but in my defense it’s been quite hectic here. I finally moved in! It only took 3 pieces of luggage, a trip to target, a trip to IKEA, a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, a trip to costco, and a trip to Whole Foods to do it! Yes, that was as exhausting as it sounds.

It feels weird being all grown up and owning stuff like a vacuum and an electricity keys and whatnot. I kind of want to just run to my mom and tell her it was all an elaborate joke and that I changed my mind. Ugh, why didn’t I just stay in Kuwait? As I type this my obnoxiously loud neighbors who have zero consideration for others are yelling in the hallway and generally being obnoxious. That brings me to my next point. I know it’s only been 3 days but I swear I’m already turning into the weird neighbor that peers into  the hallways and spies on their neighbors from the peep hole. I’ve also developed this almost psychotic fear that someone  is going to steal my laptop because I forgot to lock my apartment.

My parents leave the day after tomorrow which scares the crap out of me. I spent the past year talking about how great this experience is going to be and how I couldn’t wait for it. I feel.. Sorry my line of thought was completely butchered by the FACT THAT SOME INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE ARE PARTYING AND DON’T HAVE THE DECENCY TO HAVE A GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC WHILE DISTURBING THEIR NEIGHBORS WHO ARE TRYING TO COMPOSE THOUGHTS AND UNLOAD THEM ONTO THE INTERNET FOR NO ONE TO READ.

Screw this. Long story short, I kind of want to go home but I don’t feel like that’s an option anymore hence the title of this post. I don’t want my parents to leave. This sucks.  College starts tomorrow.  Will update soon.

Sweet Home Ann Arbor

I’m finally here! Actually, I got here like a week ago. I’ve just been too lazy to actually post anything to be honest. First things first, I’m happy to report that I’m finally done with international orientation! Let me tell you,never have I ever in my entire life seen so many Asians in one room. (I’m gonna stop right there before I make a racist joke).  Let’s just say I was the minority among the minorities. Ann Arbor is a cool town though. I think I’ll do fine here. Especially considering the fact that if it was any bigger I’m gonna get lost everyday for the next four years.

and now for the whining session of this post!

1. All the fun classes are taken or conflict with my schedule. I’m waitlisted for 3 out of the five classes I registered for 😦 I have to attend them anyways and pray that some spots will open up during add/drop week.

2. I don’t know why but I swear I’m getting like 3 different lectures from my family every day. These lectures rang from how to cook and wash my clothes to the cliche “boys only want one thing” to focusing on my studies.

3. My wisdom teeth (tooth?) have chosen now to come out and they’re killing me!

The campus is insanely beautiful. My favorite thing is probably the rock. The rock is well.. a giant rock that people paint. I’ve seen a different thing painted on it everyday that I’ve been here. 

My second favorite thing is the mural opposite Starbucks. From what I understand it  was painted back in 1984 and it’s been there ever since. The mural depicts Woody Allen, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Hesse, Franz Kafka, and Anaïs Nin.

I’m supposed to move into my apartment tomorrow which pretty much is the last thing that cements my “big move.” It’s a little daunting I’m not going to lie. Mom wouldn’t let me buy paper plates she insisted that I buy “real plates.” It all makes me feel old and grown up in  a weird way. When did I become the kind of person who has pots and pans and an ironing mat? Alas, there’s no more going back so I might as well adapt to this.

I shall conclude this post with two things; a funny video of  a guy singing/dancing to Call Me Maybe on Chatroulette and a video of a bunch of dudes singing the University of Michigan fight song in honor of the first game against Alabama. (I don’t actually know anything about American football I just like the whole school spirit thing that goes with it)

The Wait is Over

I bet you guys thought that this post will be out me finally getting to Uni. Sorry to disappoint boys and girls but that is not what this post is about. This post is about the one movie I’ve been waiting for the past 2 years. That’s right! I finally watched “Dark Knight Rises.”

Here’s my somewhat spoiler free review:

I don’t know how I feel about it. On one hand, it’s a Nolan film so it obviously does not fail on the suspense front or the flawless cinematography. On the other hand, as a hardcore batman enthusiast, I’m quite disappointed with the script.

My biggest problem with the movie is cat woman. I’ve had some time to cope with the fact that he cast Anne Hathaway for the role. I’ve made peace with it. I swear. Script wise though, cat woman is seriously under developed. She’s incredibly flat, there’ nothing beneath the surface (more like under the leather suit.) I’ll give Hathaway credit though, she wasn’t as awful as  I thought. Seriously though, I know that Nolan talks a lot about keeping the Dark Knight universe as realistic as possible but seriously he could’ve given Cat woman a lot more backstory.

Christian Bale was flawless as always. That man is the literal embodiment of batman. If I had one complaint… Nope. Not a single one.

I’ll give Nolan credit. The man knows how to pick a cast. Marion Cotillard was.. I don’t want to spoil but you’ll know what I mean when you see it. Tom Hardy made a great Bane. His creepy voice is still stuck in my head. Joseph Gordon Levitt.. Did I ever mention how much I love JGL? Well I do. There were rumors that JGL was going to be the villain in this movie (they thought it was going to be riddler), which I was pretty psyched for. JGL would’ve made a great villain but he still gave a great performance.

My main issue with the movie that’s stopping me from raving about it is the script. Compared to Dark Knight there’s really no character development. Nothing that makes the characters pop. Nolan was clever enough to add mystery to the villains to distract from that though. The second and biggest issue is the ending. If this was a Marvel movie and not a D.C comics one, I’d totally be okay with suspending my sense of reality. However, this is not a Marvel movie. This is not Thor or Captain America. This is Batman. Nolan promised a realistic version of my beloved childhood comic and he didn’t deliver. I was really expecting a somber ending. I was actually looking forward to seeing a Hollywood movie that didn’t end so happily. Let’s just say I was disappointed.  Not cool Chris Nolan. Not cool at all. I did not punish my bladder for close to three hours just so that you give me a candy coated ending. I almost wish he didn’t make this movie. Yes, I went there.

All my whining aside, I’ll probably watch this movie again like a gazillion other times but I still felt the need to express my disappoint to you dear reader.

Side note: for those of you acquainted with the batman universe. How awesome would it be if Nolan made a Nightwing movie starring JGL? I think he’d prob make a pretty amazing Dick Grayson.

By the way, how cute is this?

It happened in the midst of a massive crowd scene on Wall Street in Manhattan, during a fight sequence between their two characters.

“It was the first time I ever heard Christian say he was tired,” Hardy remembers. “I was watching him for however many months getting beaten up and wet and cold, and he never said anything. Inside, I was dying, but I was thinking, ‘This can’t bother me because he’s not bothered.’ But on Wall Street, he just turned and said, ‘You know what? I’m exhausted.’ I said, ‘Me too.’”

“We stopped the fight and started hugging each other,” Bale adds.


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