With 11 days til the inevitable (that’s what I decided to call the big move). It’s with a heavy heart that I regret to inform you all that I’ve started the unbearable process of packing. While packing for a trip has never been a pleasurable experience, packing for college is ten times worse.I feel like I’m literally packing my entire life into a suitcase and I swear the whole is beyond upsetting.

General whining aside, there is one strong epiphany that I’ve had while packing. I don’t have a lot of clothes. It has become painfully apparent that:
A. I’m ridiculously dependent on my sister’s closet
B. I own enough witty tshirts to fill a little boutique

I’m “breaking up” with the clothes I’ve decided not to pack as one of my friends brilliantly put it.

Weird stuff that made the cut:
A. A copy of Jane Eyre (I detest the novel but knowing I got through it without using Sparknotes once always reassures me that I’m more than capable of being an Eng Lit major)
B. A Georgetown University cheerleading major t-shirt (No, I am not gonna attend Georgetown and as you can tell I’m not perky enough to be a cheerleader but it had sentimental value)

What I wish I can pack:
A. Our coffee machine
B. Half of my books
C. Half of my sister’s closet
D. More useless sentimental junk

P.s: more often than not, I find myself wasting time on this site that posts all these interesting letters people wrote in the past. I recommend you guys go on it the next time you’re bored. Here’s the link!


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