A Little Bit of Everything

In keeping with the spirits of how I ended the last post. I’m going to share some of my favorite snippets of everything that I like from all over the internet. I think we should establish that my love for the internet is.. well let’s just say that if I had a first born, it would have to spend its life competing for my love.

Behold! I present to you my list!

1. TasteKid

I LOVE this website. As a person who is constantly asking for good book/music/movie recommendations and often ignored by their twitter followers this website is a miracle. You simply have to type in a bunch of stuff you like and it recommends stuff you’re probably going to enjoy.

2. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Okay so if you can’t from the title what this is about I’m going to fill you in. Lizzie Bennet is the iconic character from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. Most of you have probably watched the adaptation starring Keira Knightly. TLBD is youtube web series  that kind of retells the story in the form of a “vlog.” Its a really clever revamping of the story that’s entertaining and addictive.

3. Crazy Architecture by Victor Enrich

The pictures explain it all.

4. Asobi by Yasutoki Kariya

“This is a mesmerising piece of work which art student Yasutoki Kariya created for his senior thesis exhibition. Aptly being dubbed the Edison Cradle, this revised version of the world famous Newton’s Cradle uses 11 computer programmed light bulbs to visualise the transfer of kinetic energy.”

Watch a video recording of it here.

4. The Lost Library of Moscow

Somewhere under Russia, there’s a library that contains thousands of valuable  artifacts and books  are waiting for  people to find them. Sounds interesting? I think so. Read about it here.

5. Things to Worry about

In a time of great stress I’d like you all to read this list F. Scott Fitzgerald (one of my favorite authors) wrote to his daughter.

6. Frank Ocean’s “Forrest Gump”

7. Beautiful Animal Bridges

“If we’re going to keep putting roads in the middle of their habitats, animals are sometimes going to need to cross the road. But it’s better for everyone involved if they don’t have to push a button and wait for the light to change, because they don’t have thumbs and nine times out of 10 they’ll just careen into the side of your car. Which is why some highways have overpasses built specifically for animals like deer, elk, and grizzly bears.”

Doesn’t make up for all the ways we’ve destroyed everything but this is kind of cool. Read more here.

8. Young the Giant’s “open sessions”

They go to weird remote places and record songs. A band definitely worth listening to!

That is all for now! 


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