No Wifi in the Sky

Time (Kuwait): 10:07 AM

Time spent in the air: 10 hours

Time until arrival: 3 Hours.

As I type this, I’m somewhere in the sky over some country somewhere. Actually, now that I think about it, the plane is probably  over an ocean or something. For someone that insanely terrified of flying I can tell you this is not my ideal situation. However, I’ve endured the past ten hours so what’s three more till I’m reunited with my precious ground?

Let me paint you a picture. I’m sitting next to the emergency exit. My feet propped up by my carry on bag (apparently sitting next to the emergency exit means no foot rests. Andddd, I have my fuzzy pink socks on. Oh yeah, and I have my beats on.  Why is it not socially unacceptable for a hijabi to have beats on? I’m aware that I probably look ridiculous which would explain the looks I keep getting, but come on! Hijabis deserve excellent sound quality too!

I intended to write a post yesterday but between the rushing and the packing and the yelling and the stealing of certain clothes from my sister I couldn’t find a time to do so.  I actually spent last night trying to figure out whether or not I can actually do this. I will not BS with you Internet. I’m terrified. I’m letting go of home cooked meals, clean laundry, and clean everything for that matter. I’m not even sure I can cook anything other than a burnt egg,


considering the amount of paperwork and hoops I had to jump through there’s no turning back now. Did I mention I’m afraid of flying? The plane keeps shaking a bit and my brain keeps flashing to all kinds of scenes from different movies/shows.

Top picks?

  1. LOST (I don’t want to be that chick that gets thrown out of the plane when it crashes because she didn’t have her seat belt on. Although, it’s safe to assume that I’d die from a heart attack just out of sheer terror then the actual plane crash).
  2. Grey’s Anatomy’s finale. If some kickass surgeons  can’t survive how am I supposed to?
  3. Every single doomsday/ end of the world where movies crash for no reason.
  4. Kristen Wiig’s plane freak out scene in bridesmaids. It’s not a crash scene but it never ceases to be funny.

For future references, if any of you are trying to find a good track to jam to during a flight you should seriously listen to Sunday Morning. It’s really fun to jam/bob your head to.


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