Sweet Home Ann Arbor

I’m finally here! Actually, I got here like a week ago. I’ve just been too lazy to actually post anything to be honest. First things first, I’m happy to report that I’m finally done with international orientation! Let me tell you,never have I ever in my entire life seen so many Asians in one room. (I’m gonna stop right there before I make a racist joke).  Let’s just say I was the minority among the minorities. Ann Arbor is a cool town though. I think I’ll do fine here. Especially considering the fact that if it was any bigger I’m gonna get lost everyday for the next four years.

and now for the whining session of this post!

1. All the fun classes are taken or conflict with my schedule. I’m waitlisted for 3 out of the five classes I registered for 😦 I have to attend them anyways and pray that some spots will open up during add/drop week.

2. I don’t know why but I swear I’m getting like 3 different lectures from my family every day. These lectures rang from how to cook and wash my clothes to the cliche “boys only want one thing” to focusing on my studies.

3. My wisdom teeth (tooth?) have chosen now to come out and they’re killing me!

The campus is insanely beautiful. My favorite thing is probably the rock. The rock is well.. a giant rock that people paint. I’ve seen a different thing painted on it everyday that I’ve been here. 

My second favorite thing is the mural opposite Starbucks. From what I understand it  was painted back in 1984 and it’s been there ever since. The mural depicts Woody Allen, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Hesse, Franz Kafka, and Anaïs Nin.

I’m supposed to move into my apartment tomorrow which pretty much is the last thing that cements my “big move.” It’s a little daunting I’m not going to lie. Mom wouldn’t let me buy paper plates she insisted that I buy “real plates.” It all makes me feel old and grown up in  a weird way. When did I become the kind of person who has pots and pans and an ironing mat? Alas, there’s no more going back so I might as well adapt to this.

I shall conclude this post with two things; a funny video of  a guy singing/dancing to Call Me Maybe on Chatroulette and a video of a bunch of dudes singing the University of Michigan fight song in honor of the first game against Alabama. (I don’t actually know anything about American football I just like the whole school spirit thing that goes with it)


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