Okay so it’s been over a month since my last post. Since then, I’ve been to my first football game, took my first college midterm, and spent my first Eid abroad. I’m taking everything one day at a time because otherwise my brain will explode. Let me tell you one thing about college, it’s a harder version of high school. I’m so used to doing things last minute and expecting good grades. One has to work super hard here to get the grade here. Naturally, I was aiming to under achieve but then my competitive side came out to play and now I live part time in the library. Although you can’t really blame me once you see how pretty the library is. It’s like living in Hogwarts. A picture is worth a thousand words so here:

I’ll tell you one thing though, my history of art class has made up for all the nudity I could have gona through life without seeing. At least now I’ve stopped giggling when the professor says “homoeroticism” (I’m a prime example of how age does not equal maturity ladies and gentlemen). My People of the East class is brutal, a gazillion pages of boring scholarly readings on thousands of years of history. Did I mention it turned out to be ancient history? Yep. It is. Half the students nap in lecture.I love love love love my creative writing class. My professor is awesome and I’m surprisingly better at it than I thought I would be. My angst from moving here has fueled my writing beautiful (even if I wrote was quite depressing).

I went to my first game last week. University of Michigan vs. Michigan State. We won 😀 (Go blue!) Here’s a picture of the stadium:

American football is weird. They stop every 30 seconds and it takes forever for them to score but otherwise it was just fun to get excited and show some spirit.

Yesterday was my first Eid away from the family. Honestly, it wasn’t anything special since no one actually acknowledges it here. I woke up late, went to class, treated myself to a bagel and some coffee, handed in an assignment, and skyped my parents. Then I decided I might as well make the best of it so I went to watch “2 Days in New York.”  It was one of the best independent movies I’ve ever seen and it was hilarious.  I definitley recommend it! Then I got some hipster junk from Urban Outfitters. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t have felt like Eid until you spend easily earned money on pointless shit. Then I got apple pie and headed home where halloween was in full swing. You have to hand it to americans, they can make costumes into “sexy” anything!

I leave you all with this video that makes me oh so happy when I watch it.


and this awesome song I’ve been jamming to for the past couple of days.



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